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Here’s Scarlett Johansson almost looking like her old blond cleavage-popping self in the new Moet & Chandon 2011 ad campaign. First off, it’s about damn time that we saw a bit of Scarlett’s bodacious cleavage. Second, it’s about damn time that she looked this freaking hot! And last but definitely not least, it’s about damn time that we get to see her groovy cleavage… oh, I said that already, eh? Well, it’s true, even if it is a shadow of it’s former self. Anyways, I don’t want to sound negative because she looks dynamite and she’s showing off some sexy skin. Oh yeah, she’s also not married to Ryan Reynolds anymore, which makes her look that much hotter as well. Yup, Scarlett’s definitely on her way back to uber sexiness if you ask me. Cheers.