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She's Gotta Be Kidding!

Lady Gaga's latest venture makes her weird and wacky outfits look positively normal in comparison.You heard right! Lady Gaga wants her perfume to smell of blood and semen.

Shock Tactics

Lady Gaga's shock tactics continue with her most recent media announcement - to create a signature Lady Gaga perfume that smells of blood and semen.

Her Signature Smell?

To the people hired to develop the product, she has requested that the scent 'smell of blood and semen.'


Famous for her off-the-wall fashion choices - including the meat dress she wore at the VMAs - the perennially bizarre singer is obviously intent on targeting a small market segment, namely vampires and sex addicts.

Will You Gift It?

If it ever does hit the shelves, then this is one fragrance your girlfriend definitely won't want on her birthday... or will you be bold enough to gift it?