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There’s hardly any season more fashfriendly and stylehappy than the spring summer one! And H & M thought about sweetening the hot summer days with their recent campaign: Sweet Intentions fronted by Arlenis Sosa and Shannan Click.

Pretty flowers, pretty prints, warm, happy colors with a 60s aftertaste, that’s what you’ll get with the new SS 2011 pre collection from the giant fashretailer. I know it’s only marketing but I like it. I like being around something that makes me smile, that makes me feel beautiful (not necessarily in a physical way, beautiful in my mind and in my heart). It all looks good on the screen, however, if I was to pick something, I’d probably go for the wedges and the washed out jeans. Maybe the jersey tank dress (I’m a simple girl and I have simple tastes, remember? nothing schmancy fancy complicated if I can keep it basic, simple and neat). How about you?